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  The Young Rascals

My Private Collection

All rights reserved property of Claire F. Santos Daigle. 

My photos are not for Sale but if someone gave me an offer for a hard copy that I couldn't refuse, I would consider it.  These are the originals and there are no copies anywhere.  If you see them somewhere else, please let me know.


Studio photos for fan club members.

Here is my official membership card, front and back.



My sister's friend and President Dolly Drum






The Barge, Long Island New York

One summer day in 1965, my sister brought home some friends.  They hung out for awhile then they went outside.  They got the biggest kick out of my home-made go-cart and every one took turns riding it down the hill, by the end of the day Felix, asked my mother if it was okay for me to see them at the Barge.  They would perform in the afternoon on Dune road for people coming off the beach to have a few cocktails.  I was under-age but the deal was, that I could as long as I stayed with him and didn't wander around and my sister would take me back home before the night crowd cam in.  These are the photographs I took.  Felix knew what he was doing in recruiting an impressionable kid to become a life long fan. 

Doing the Mickey's Monkey!

I collected Rascal buttons that you see hanging off the nets and tambourines.

Another of my sister's friends...with Felix.  

The Barge was actually a real barge. That's why the port holes and the fish nets hanging over Felix's head.  It was  a tiny place with a deck all around and on the roof. It was a floating night club in Westhampton Beach.  I have heard from the locals in 2000 that it was moved to New Jersey.

I took some of his guitar pics off stage.  As you can see the stage was only 2 feet off the dance floor.  In the early years you could get real close to the stages. 

For the longest time I kept the ropes from the go-cart,  as a souvenir, when I grew up, I threw them away along with his green beret.  I figured he must of had a million of them and it didn't mean that much to me anymore.  During the peak of the popularity I went to see them whenever they were performing near by towns.  Sometimes they threw stuff out into the audience.  In my collection I had Dino's drum sticks, Gene's guitar pics and Eddie's tambourine

Gene Cornish and my sister sitting at the table.



I sat under the organ and would pop out only to take a pictures quick, because I didn't want people to see me and get the idea that I had to leave sooner than I had to. 

Riverhead Theater, Long Island New York

Even though I was crazy about Felix, Eddie was the most fun to watch.  I have his tambourine.


Screaming Felix, he heard me and looked my way.  I got the feeling he remembered me.
This was Dino's signature wave, under the chin, flirting with the kiddies. Roadie (road manager) in back.

The Rascals are in the "Hall of Fame" and you can go to their website.  I found their history in Wikipedia.  

Some fellow Rascal 's fan gave me these two photos.

One at a private party and the other, taken in a hotel hallway in California. 

The Coliseum, New York

One time I saw them at the Canoe Place Inn in the 1970's when they became famous and they were different.  They were not having fun and were not as friendly.  My sister saw Felix in Arizona in 2004. She got a note passed to him backstage and waited for a response and the P.R. person came back and said Felix said  he doesn't remember you.  Jeesezzz!

The cabins in the background are where the Rascals used to stay when on the Island on Dune road. Living only 20 minutes away, I went to the beach often with my niece and was always hopeful that I would get a glimpse of them.

Hope your enjoyed my collection.

As I remember more or can get my sister to share her photos ...I'll update this page.


These images belong to my sister. They are perfect examples of the deterioration that happens to photos of the 1960's that were in scrapbooks with plastic protection. The plastic starts to decompose and that's the yellow sticky stuff all over them.


Links to  other Rascal sites This is Felix today, I was surprised he didn't have pictures of himself or the band in the early years.  So what Joe Russo explains in his history of the Rascals holds true.  Their publicity managers did not document their rise to fame.

 The Rascals Archives by Joe Russo a music historian on the Rascals. He is trying to bring to one site lost photos of the Rascals 

Long Island Hall of Fame

Staples High School, see a really good photo of Dino playing the drums in 1966.

The Young Rascals Music Store 

If you do a search for The Young Rascals, you can spend the entire day looking for photos like mine. These sites here were the best I could find for now.

Last revision 8/01/07


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