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Photo Dating Service

Welcome! to our photo dating service. 

We have had information on photo dating at this site for many years now but didn't want to commit to individuals because some images take much more research time than we were ready to commit to since we already do restorations.  Since more years have passed, we're convinced that the vast major of images only need a few hours of research to document arguments of their dates and we feel ready. We also feel that once you go through the process with our help that in the future you may attempt to do it yourself again because it's a real learning experience for both of us.

 You may have read much of our photo dating 101 already here on our site or purchased a book and tried to identify when you photo was taken and just feel defeated or overwhelmed, maybe not! Maybe, you just rather skip it all and just hirer us to help. 

What To Expect

To facilitate the process, submit your photo via e-mail. We need to see the photo/photos you want to date in order to know if it is possible to start. We can tell almost immediately with most photos what decade or range of decades but we need to research information, locate photo samples and articles from a few sources to substantiate our findings specifically to your photos, and this make take a few hours. Some images (very few) will be impossible. 

Include in your e-mail with your photo as much information you have on each photo. Information such as, who gave you the photo, who did that person say it was, which relative or relatives do you think it is, what are their born and death dates.

We have 1,000's of photos from our clients with known dates, we prefer to use known dates and images from historical or famous persons from wikipedia. If we don't have what we're looking for, we search the web. We have several books we use to make reference to see a list of our reference links. We the name of the book, author and page number which pertains to the image submitted. We do the same for articles referencing clothing in blogs and websites.

As suggested in Photo Dating 101, a file should be created for each photograph and in it the information we give you with commentary samples of arguments.


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Photo Dating Service


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