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Jamboree is the largest genealogy event on the West coast! bring your photosgraphs to scan Saturday Only



Since 1999 we have been serving the genealogy community by scanning photos on site at conventions and monthly Genealogy Society meetings.  (This photo was taken at the GenTech our first Convention in 2000.)  This service has been of great value to genealogist and society members who do not have access to scanners and do not want to use the US Postal service or leave their photos with any chain photo lab.

The following are just a few of many societies that have invited us to make presentations to their members and are clients as well.  Your welcome to e-mail them for their opinion of our service or call them for information on becoming a member of their group.


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Genealogy Societies References:


Antelope Valley Genealogy Society, Shirley Harrington

Chula Vista Genealogical Society

Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego (CGSSD), Joan Lowery

San Diego Colony of Mayflower Descendants,

Southern California Genealogy Society Inc., Doug Miller

Colonial Dames of San Diego, Betty Lusk

San Diego Genealogical Society, Davenia Gray

Daughters of the American Colonist, Torrey Pines Chapter in San Diego, Donna P.Derrick

Genealogy Society Of Riverside, Peggy Farmer

Local Street Fair Photos


If you are looking for a speaker for your next meeting.  We make presentations on "Digital Restoration", "Photo Dating" and "Be An Educated Consumer".   Call, 619-397-7600.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society

If you are interested in joining their group you may want to visit their website  or contact the president, Randy Seaver, or  Connie Ottinger directly.  They meet at the At Chula Vista Civic Center Library, 365 F Street  Their motto is "We Dig Our Ancestors"





Whether it is going to lunch with all the members of a society or with the Program Chair or President, lunch after a presentation is always greatly appreciated.  In 2006 we gave a presentation on Image Editing in 1900s costume and this year we were invited again to present Photo Dating dressed in 1950s. 



See more costume photos in "Special Effects".  and the "Rabbit Hole".


A 1950s costume would not be complete without an authentic background, see special effects/joining two photographs.



















Chula Vista Genealogical Society gave me a certificate of Appreciation!

 Thank you! that was so thoughtful and appreciated.











Antelope Valley Genealogy Society

Located in northern Los Angeles County, California, in the western portion of the Mojave Desert. 


Contact: Chair Person, Helen Mendler

President: Shirley Harrington.

Kin-Dig Convention

Helen Mendler and Claire Santos-Daigle of Photos Made Perfect 
















The Antique Club Huntington Beach contact: Program Chair,  Leah Weis 949-472-3736




Presentation on "Photo Dating" 

May 2006.








Southern California Genealogy Society Inc.



Contact: Leo Meyers

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Michael J. Daigle (speaker, Photos Made Perfect)



Jamboree will be held June 10-12, 2011 in Burbank, California. Scanning Friday & Saturday Only

Photos Made Perfect has been at SCGS's Annual Jamboree since 2000  Bring your photos to be scanned on site!


Contact: Doug Miller 

(former President of SCGS, French-Canadian genealogist. See here on the right)

French-Canadian Heritage DNA
Project Coordinator





Contact: Davenia Cray

San Diego Genealogical Society (Family History Fair 2000)
1050 Pioneer Way Suite E
El Cajon, California 92020-1943



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Colonial Dames of San Diego



President Betty Lusk in white

with Davenia Cray from SDGS.

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Computer Genealogy 

Society of San Diego (CGSSD)


Contact: Joan Lowery (Genealogist and founder of CGSSD)


Photos Made Perfect Speakers at UCSD

La Jolla in 2005 





























San Diego Colony of Mayflower Descendants Feb 2005


Mayflower Calendar of Events









D. A. R.


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January 2006 meeting


Donna P. Derrick, President of the Daughter's of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Colonist, Torrey Pines Chapter San Diego. Call  619-223-0350 or or Lola Lawson, Vice President 760-945-7915


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Genealogical Society of Riverside (GSOR)

P.O. Box 2557

Riverside, CA 92516-2557

Peggy Farmer 



Need a Guest Speaker give us a call...619-397-7600.... Start looking for your photos to bring with you to have scanned " On Site".  Your photos never leave your sight.  There will be many more speakers so find out more by just giving us a call! 619-397-7600...






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Annual Fall Craft Fair 

Wild West Bonita Festival,

 Bonita California Sept 29, 2007. 


Every year I dress in period clothing and this year it was 1930s.Photos Made Perfect proudly participates in local community fairs! If you were there, look at some of the great photos we took, there are more. If you remember me taking your photo or you are in one of these... give us a call. 619-397-7600





Widows of Winchester, last year they were the wild west women.(see photos from last year further down)

























Escondido Sheriffs, looking good





Annual Fall Craft Fair 

Wild West Bonita Festival, 

Bonita California Sept 30 2006

Shirley Horton, State Assembly

Chula Vista Police

Church of Latter Day St., Bonita

Wild West Women

Bonita Vista High School


Wild West Women


Celebrating the women that had what it took, to settle in the wild west.



A Photos Made Perfect client,

Shirley Horton, State Assembly Women.

See her photo restoration in Special Effects!



Sherry's Gotta Dance Drill Team, Lemon Grove CA.



Bonita Vista High School


Bonita, Latter Day Saints

US Navy




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