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Contents of the page:

Who would benefit from the presentation?

Presentation Overviews 1,2 and 3:

Genealogy References

Non-Profit Status Groups

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Use this Quick Bio of Photos Made Perfect for your introduction.

Why the Costume you ask?

San Diego Costume Guild.

Printable Handout Materials for Presentations


We would love ....                  

to be your guest! 

Who would benefit from the presentation?

Photos Made Perfect engages in 45-60 minute presentations in Costume to genealogy societies and special interest groups such as libraries, antique collectors/dealers, and lineage groups.  Some groups negotiate for an honorarium including mileage while others have a set fee allowance for speakers, depending on the size or type of group.

These presentations are of interest to several types of individuals.  Many computer savvy members may restore their own photos at a beginner level and would like the opportunity to ask questions of a pro.  Some wonder how to begin, yet others have absolutely no desire to learn, nor do they want to take on the expense of doing it themselves.  The last type are those who have restored at an expert level and now have a through understanding of what it takes and has decided that leaving it to the pros is easier and they would rather never do another.  

As for the topic of photo dating, there are probably more reasons to want to have a general understand of how to identify dates of photographs but here are five.  If you are interested in purchasing antique photos you should be able to identify the dates helping you decided their value. If you inherited photos and are a genealogist, you should be able to identify the date of a photo to compare to ancestors in your tree. You may simply be entertained by your curiosity to know and a costumer or you are a costume designer. 

Thrill your members the opportunity to learn by a demonstration of a digital restoration service like ours, before they commit to having a photo restored or attempting it themselves. 

This service is fabulous for those members that will not risk leaving their photos at a commercial photo lab or mail, yet wish they had a better photograph for publishing their family tree in books or the Internet.   Our prices are very competitive giving your members alternative to the expensive service they may have experienced.  

We have the solution! Prior to your monthly meeting, the Society informs their members that Photos Made Perfect will be speaking on (which ever topic you chose below) and scanning original photographs, if they choose to use our service after the meeting.  We "digitally" repair them without risk of damage to the originals and then mail the finished photos.  There have been times when we ran out of time and people trusted us to take the original.




Photos Made Perfect


Presentation Overviews 1,2 and 3:

#1 Presentation overview: “Digital Image Editing”

Answers the question "what is image editing"? or digital photo restoration.  This presentation will show you the  many ways it is used today.  If you are writing a book on your family genealogy or creating an heirloom scrapbook, you will want your photos to look their best, see how. This class is not intended to teach Image Editing but to show in an hour how it is done.  What the student gets out of it depends on the level of computer knowledge.  If they have tried image editing and have been successful at an intermediate level, they may see a technique they have not seen and can ask questions at the end.  To the novice.... it's all great!


1.      Digital "Image Editing" photo restoration basics

2.      Image Editing Today

3.      Demonstration

4.      Q&A and scanning of original photos. 

#2 Presentation overview: “Photo Dating 101”.

We give you great insight on how to tell the approximate date of an old photograph, things you may not have thought of on your own.  If you are buying vintage photos or have inherited some, this presentation is for you. This presentation is on general photo dating interpretation.


1.  The obvious  

2.       Photographic Processes Methods

Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Tintype

3.  Other Photo Dating Methods  

Albumen paper methods Card de Visite and Cabinet Cards

Photographer, Photographer style and stamp

4.  Get Started

5.  Q&A and scanning original photos.


#3 Presentation overview: “Photo Dating Fashion”,

In some instances you may have a copy of a photograph which has loss any clue to what photography method was used.  Knowing about Victorian Fashions will be your only hope of coming to a date conclusion. 

1. Women's Fashions

2. Men's Fashions

3. Children's

4. Q&A and scanning original photos.


Non-Profit Status Groups 

This is not a hard sell opportunity for photo restoration, however we do attach our contact information on any handouts distributed.  With that said, most societies have us back year after year so that new members see us or to take in a different topic for an Honorarium.   The Society is bringing them a service to consider after the presentation is over and Photos Made Perfect can live up to their motto.

"Restoring Family History…One Photo At A time...  

What we need from you.

Equipment - Overhead projector or LCD and a screen. Depending on the size of your group, we need a microphone system.  We need access to the meeting location an hour prior to set up.   With the overhead projector we use transparencies.  An extra benefit of using an LCD is that we can show your members animated  restoration applications.


Printable Handouts

Chairperson often uses a "Quick Bio" as a basis for the introduction and the "Guest Speaker Agreement Guide".  We usually request that the society make copies of our handouts for their members. Below are links to files, click on the handouts you need to print for the presentation you have chosen. 

All Presentations   Image Editing  Photo Dating 101 Photo Dating by Fashions
  Presentation #1 Presentation #2 Presentation #3
Apples and Oranges    Methods Timeline   
Guest Speaker Agreement Guide   Tintype Identifying Timeline  
Quick Bio   Albumen Comparison   

Contact Information - When the chairperson calls to reserve a date, we will need to know the location, amount of honorarium and which presentation you would like us to present.

What is an Honorarium?

hon·o·rar·i·um   (ŏn'ə-râr'ē-əm)
n.   pl. hon·o·rar·i·ums or hon·o·rar·i·a (-ē-ə)
A payment given to a professional person for services for which fees are not legally or traditionally required.

 Why the costume, you ask?

Sometimes in marketing it's not enough to be good at what you do.  Even if you ARE the best, you must find a way to set yourself apart from your competition.  A way that people remember you is to do something so different or over the top, develop a strong commitment or passion to a needed product, great customer service and a memorable image.    

All I needed now was that image.  One day my husband and I were at a genealogy convention and when the doors opened for the public, we were thrilled to see a woman float into the room, like Scarlet O'Hara from Gone with the Wind.  Everyone stopped at the sight of her.  I loved it!  I said to my husband "wow! I wonder who she is... and why is she dressed like that?.... what is she selling?... I got to know"....I went running to find out all about her.  She was from the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

We decided it would be a great way for people to remember us and it compliments our photo dating efforts, the rest is history.  The second time appearing in costume someone said to us "Oh, I remember you guys, you were here last year dressed in period clothes".  That's all we needed to confirm it was working, so since then, we are known for our passion of image editing, vintage photographs and photo dating presentations in period costume.

We have become members of the San Diego Costume Guild.  If you have any questions about period clothing, call us, we love to share.  We are invited to events and just have a great time doing it. See calendar and event photos at the San Diego Costumers Guild. If you are already into dressing up, and have a ton of photos of yourself in costume, you must see our "special effects" we can put your image on a period background! For more on costumes click on the Tea Party below.

Tea anyone?

To my family, friends, San Diego Costumers Guild and the curious...

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