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Wow! No Great Challenges Since 2011! 



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Restored Cased Images

Daguerreotypes, Copper (rare)  *  Ambrotype, Glass   *   Tintypes, Iron (common) 

Learn more about these fascinating photographs on the "History of Photography Methods" found in the "Genealogy Corner".



Daguerreotype Society can answer all our questions on restoring the actual Cased Image.  If that's what you want. Save our site as a favorite and after visiting their site, you may prefer to simply have us scan the image and digitally restore it and printing an archival quality copy.  The seal surrounding the glass will never be opened. 

This particular dag was in almost perfect condition. The original here doesn't look great because of the glass being a little milky. A preservationist would remove the seal, clean the glass and reseal it. If you want to go through the expense and it doesn't come without risk. 





Once scanned the restoration needed here was to remove the milky appearance of the dirty glass.  The client just wanted a copy to share with family and handle rather than handling the original.









This is an example of having fun with your ancestors! Colorizing and enlarging a dagtype to decorate with your relatives is always a conversation piece.














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It's a huge mistake to choose a restoration service based on price or distance from your home alone.


Compare apples to apples.

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(a must read!)

Lets talk about a photo restoration costing only $29.99. The old adage,

"You get what you pay for" still applies.



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