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Wow! No Great Challenges Since 2011! 



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General Restorations


Our Definition: Digitally restoring an image to it's original condition, 

as opposed to restoring an image and changing 

any element within it that was not originally there is called special effects.


Contents of this page:


Faded and torn

General Grime

Missing Pieces

Stuck to glass or paper

Restore and Reduce large Paints/Photographs/Posters to any size you desire


Water damage


Photos mounted on, glued to, embedded in, any kind of surface

Panoramic photos that are typically 7x36 brittle and permanently curled from storage.






I wouldn't change Donald's hair, he is an icon and his hair is what makes him, him. However, I have often wondered what he would look like bald because in my opinion there's nothing wrong with bald and it may be know low maintenance, less messy looking, gets ride of gray and it is I think a very masculine thing to do. So for those of you who wondered as I have, here it is, the wonders of  image editing. Imagine if this went viral and The Don saw it and did it! Are some of you women out there wondering what your husband would look like bald?





Photos mounted on, glued to, or embedded in, any kind of surface

No matter what surface your image is on, as long as we can scan it, we can restored a scanned copy of it.  We have received photos attached to wood, embedded in glass (like a paper weight), tin, large lapel pin buttons and now china.  See some of these samples in the Colorizing section.

This image original travels to all conventions.  Donated by Emily to PMP 

This sweet photo was mounted on what seemed to be china, it was dropped and shattered. The silver lining to this story is, now that the pieces were restored the color was also restored and could be shared with every one in the family.





Photos on large buttons were trendy in the early 1900's. Today their seen mostly in any type of campaigning, not in personal photos like these.






The Challenge of 2008

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Winner of the worst of 2007.   

Submitted by Roberto Kay





Faded and Torn



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These tiny photos taken in Photo Booths can be enlarge too, just as long as they are in focus.




Missing Pieces








Missing Pieces


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Submitted by Marjorie, Woodland Hills California




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We can create by enlarging from two small locket size photos to a 5x7 portrait.





This photograph was faded and stuck to the black scrap page.








Before you decide there is nothing that can be done to fix a photo, let us see it!


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This photograph was so brittle had to be picked up from the scanner bed by sweeping it up with a business card. We named this photo corn flakes!






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Water Damage



Water damaged photos usually get stuck to the glass, do not try to remove it, bring it or mail it to us as is. These photos usually are color damaged as well.






Circa 1950.   Removed warped edge on top and removed fade.





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Stuck to Glass


Most water damage photos are also stuck to the glass. We can't stress enough the importance of matting. While matting gives the photo a feeling of being important and beautiful it actually serves a purpose. Any image you care deeply about should have a matt. The space provided by the matt from the glass prevents it from sticking to the glass, it's not just for looks.

Stuck to Glass


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Not only is the glass stuck to her shirt but the whole photo was too dark.  Her eyes are now clear her hair is lighter blonde and her skin is not so red.






The original was exposed to moisture and became stuck to the glass. We scanned it with some glass still attached. Send them in just the way they are with the glass on and we will do the work.


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General Grime


Circa 1864. Clean everything and replace pants.







Circa 1910. Cleaned all soil and added to the background so that it was a standard size.



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Circa 1930. Repaired cracks, removed yellowing, sharpened, extended background, cropped, enlarge to an 8x10 and added sepia tone...the works!








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At the time, you may have thought it was a good idea to buy the largest size and now you just rather put it in a scrapbook, so have it restored and reduced.







If you have a photograph that was taken in a tourist attraction shop, chances are the chemicals or inks used are unstable, the paper quality poor and now you seeing signs of deterioration.  If you don't have this problem it is still a good idea to have them scanned and reprinted onto quality paper.

You can't see the damage here that was all over, so the second photo is an enlargement of her arm to show you the instability of the inks used.  It's like oxidizing like rust, not to mention the overall red discoloration of the "so called sepia", yellowed to look old is one thing but orange is ruined.




Submitted by Katherine of Escondido CA

See the "History of Photography" for more on Tintypes.






Circa 1897. The dog chewed this tintype. Restored background and cropped out most of damage.



mouse-over surprise!










Circa 1897 Tintype



Restore and Reduce in Size to any size you wish



Panoramic Restorations

Old panoramic photographs present their own specific problems. Scanning them while trying to keep them from rolling up is one and another is once it is rolled out and flatted, it cracks in increments depending on the size of the roll.  After a year of being pressed under a glass, we thought this one would stay flat but were we wrong. We simply wanted to get it into digital form anyway we could, restore it and display the restored version. The original had to be glued to a board and at times, still pulled up from the board trying to curl.  


Original 7 x 36

Restored color, cracks, stains and resized to standard, 7 x 30. 

My father was in the crowd on the right-hand side.

Panoramic Restorations


More information about this image if your interested.

This image is the section of crowd at the lower-front section on the right side. It demonstrates how clear the cropping and enlarging of these old photos can be.  The arrow is pointing to my father. In the left hand corner there's info about the photographer.  Wm J. Fallone, 302 NW 9th Ave., Miami Florida. In the center is says "Derby Day, Hialeah Park, Miami Jockey Club, Feb 27th 1932.





When it was flattened, it cracks in increments. We didn't care because we would fix it. You can see another sample in the military section.




 It's difficult to see here, so here is a enlarged section of it.
















We have extensive experience with these large images but show few because they are so large you really can't appreciate the work done here on the site and they take a lot of space.  See another samples in the "Military Tribute"












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