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Have a look at suggestions of what can be done with your personal photos. 

Turn them into unexpected gifts, if the they need restoration let us do that and then you can go anywhere that offer unusual custom gifts that make great heirloom pieces.

Contents of this page:


Heirloom Lockets and Ornaments

Personalized Puzzles

Mouse Pads

Decorating with Photos

Several Kinds of Collages

Photos to Video

Photos to CD


Valentine's Day

Mother's Day

Father's Day

July 4th - Independents Day

Memorial Day


Generational Portraits, see mother's day


If You Want To Give The Ultimate Personal Gift You Need To Plan Ahead.

Start with your own collection of photos.  Then look at photos your parents have, ask your brothers and sister if they have any special photos that you may restore and copy.  These type of gifts take time and planning. The person you give it to will know that. Be ready for those birthdays and anniversaries through the year, that are coming up sooner than you think.  Any ordinary photo can be made special and given for whatever reason on any off season to lift someone's spirits.






When looking at photographs use your imagination on the possibilities to bring life back into tired old photos.  E-mail us a photo and we can tell you if we could improve it.  Look at our Photo Gallery Categories to see photos similar to what you have.  You may a have photo that was not a great shot but could be cropped and fixed to look like a professional portrait






After fixing his collar and cropping it for a professional looking composition, we turned this 5x7 color photograph into black and white portrait by enlarging it to an 8 x 10






Decorating with photos is another custom gift option.  How many times have you been attracted to a decorative frame and the photo you think of just will not fit the frame or is too damaged to want to display. 

These are National holidays but don't forget those personal ones! Birthdays and Anniversaries.

February 14 - Valentines Day 

Give Custom Memories

Valentine's day doesn't have to be about chocolate, roses and balloons, attach a sentimental photo! That says you planned ahead. The time to express your love to anyone you love, not only your romantic love. Don't forget your family.

 Create a small scrapbook with a theme thanking them for everything they do to show their love for you with photos throughout the year.  If you don't have these photos start catching your loved ones doing the things you love about them, throughout the year and get busy scrapbooking for next Valentine's Day, birthday or Christmas.




Mother's Day !




Give mom a restored photo of her mom....  A photo of dad that she had tucked away and you restored or enlarged.  Or a collage of her grand children



If you or your  mom are into genealogy, find her photos of her mother and yourself  and your daughter and create this beautiful generational collage. You can do the same for dad.

Mother's Day



June - Father's Day

1. Give him a photo of his dad.  

2. Create a generational photo with his dad, him, you and maybe your son?

3. If dad has military photos to restore or copy, receive our 50% discount



4. A restored photo of dad's favorite car, for the car enthusiast.




Little fish???? Big Story????


 Back up dad's "Fish Stories"



July 4- Independence Day

Create a 4th of July scrapbook of all the different barbeques in your back yard, through the years and share it with everyone on the 4th.

November - Veterans Day


Honor A This Veteran's Day!

Find a photo of them and surprise them with a restored version!

 See our  "Military Tribute" in appreciation and support of our troops.


If you have two images look what we can do with Special Effects! 




DecemberSymbols of Kwanzaa - photo by AAHA


Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa

Restored sentimental photographs are very popular gift at this time. Create a theme scrapbook of each year, it's always fun to reminisce when there is a family reunion




Don't forget Personal celebrations like Birthdays, Anniversaries and Graduations!

Restore their baby picture or wedding is always a hit!








Heirloom Lockets and Ornaments

You purchase the locket, supply us with the images and Photos Made Perfect will restore and install the photos in the locket.  You have created an heirloom to pass down to the next generation.  It's only $65.00 per locket. We understand having your photos installed into the locket may cost more than the locket itself, this cannot be helped. It takes time to do but well worth it to have the photo be reduced to the best size for that locket to look it's best.

Same for these porcelain ornaments.


This 8x10 photo, reduced to fit into this tiny antique locket.  Don't forget to include your contact information especially your e-mail.






If the photos in this locket were the only photos you had of this person and you wanted to share them with family. We could scan them and recreate wallet size prints from them! Isn't that fantastic!




Personalized Mouse Pad

For that computer person in your family that has everything.   You can get these done at Costco Wholesale for very little money.  If you have an old photo, have it restored here first!




One of a Kind Personalized Puzzle

This photo was restored and colorized then made into a 30 piece puzzle.   What a fantastic surprise to receive a gift box with no image on it that turns out to be a puzzle with a vintage photo of grandma! 

After it's put together you can secure it to a foam board and frame it!

See Colorizing.








Decorating with Photos

So you fell in love with a picture frame and took it home only to find that the photo you thought might fit, did not.  You have two options, take it back or come see us to fit everyone of the photos you wanted for your theme.  Ever notice how nice the frame looks with the store photograph in it? and when you get home and put your photos in it, your not so in love any more?  It's because your  photos were not designed for that space.  Next time you find a photograph frame to die for, go ahead and buy it and call us. Resizing cost the same as scanning, see estimate page.








Chinese silk screen replica, front (left image)..

If you thought about just cutting the original photo...think again.  Not a good idea. What happens when the frame gets tired looking or you change your decorating theme? Never cut your originals, they should always be stored in an acid free environment.


See more...on decorating with photos.

Photos to Video

We receive so many request for this service that it's worth saying...we do not provide this service.  


First and foremost ask who ever you contact if they do the work on site or ship them out. Most people don't want their precious memories shipped out anywhere. Finding someone local is no easy task. If you are interested in having your photos transferred onto CD or video, transferring your video to DVD or transferring an 8mm film to DVD you may want to try some of these below. For your convenience we have listed links to these service from different states just to get you going. 


We are not responsible for the quality of service from any of the services listed here.  We only list these people as possibilities.   Use at your discretion, if you have a problem with them let us know.  If you used someone else and you loved them let us know we will list them here, thanks.


Timeless DVD
642 Cowpath Road, #281
Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19446

Timeless DVD specializes in video tape to DVD transfer, video slideshows, DVD duplication, and assorted video services, with a focus on a providing a high-quality gift DVD keepsake.

Anywhere USA


They are from Sand Diego California


YESVIDEO, find a location near you.  




veryone has a story to tell. StoryArts helps people collect, organize, and celebrate life's stories. We would be honored to help you preserve and pass on the stories of your family, friends, organization or community to future generations.

     StoryArts is a nonprofit consortium of community artists and custom publishers, helping people shape hard-earned daily life events into stories, which recognize and maintain meaning in life, to be shared with their families, friends and communities. We believe that honoring, archiving, and sharing life's stories is vitally important to building a strong, healthy society.

Call 760-436-3970 







Call Legacy Videos 


1790 Nautilus St.

 La Jolla CA 92037

 Family Histories on Video & CD ROM



(If any of these numbers go out of service 

please let us know. As of last revision this one is still good). 


More than a ....Collage! 

You don't have ruin your originals for scrapbooking. 



White Background





Create themes like; vacations, weddings or generational groupings.  

You could use two images to create one great sentimental effect.


Saves space! 9-12 photos depending on the photos, great gift for the office desk.  





Black background







We not only restored this photo we also changed the order of the photos to put the one of the baby smiling in the middle.

The yellow paper was a pretty speckle but you can't see it here because it was pastel.






Make a generational grouping! 

Mother, grandmother, great grandmother etc. likewise with fathers. A life progression with one individual is also popular.



Father circa 1930

Son circa 2003


In this first image, a father was playing a joke by posing for this photo appearing like a gangster with a phony scar and eerie lighting.  The second was deliberate attempt to capture the fathers image of some 30 years ago by posing in the same manner.  We then added the father to the background for an amazing look at like comparison and memory of him and his sense of humor.

Father and Son

What two photos of yours

 would you like to see together?






The image of mother behind them in the 1900s didn't have to be a quality photo.  This one was cut out from a collage on poor paper, you can see part of another photo at the bottom.  Since it was going to be faded out a bit anyway giving it a heavenly appearance. 


These two Sisters enjoy this photograph today, taken from the two photographs, making it twice as special.





It is at this very delicate time that clients called to say that they need a photograph of their loved one for their funeral, wake or memorial.  They want to display a portrait photo of them and are faced with the following problems.  


  1. The problem was that they couldn't find a nice enough image suitable for this occasion. 

  2. Or they couldn't find a image of that person alone. 

  3. They needed it within a next few days.

  4. They have a nice photo but it was damaged or too small.  

Every case is different but in most cases, what we were able to do is to isolate the person and remove people or the background. We can enlarge an image to be used on an easel next to the casket or a size good to be on a table top and still be seen from the back row ot the attendees.  Our usual turn-around time is 8-10 business days, but in this case, we do our best to have it done when you need it which is usually in 3 days.  After the service the image becomes a very heart felt appropriate gift for next of kin.

Memorial Photo and a poem.







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