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Directions: From "H" Street

 Take 805 to "H" Street "East" for 5 miles to Eastlake Drive and make a Right onto  Lake Shores at the stop sign make a Right onto Creekwood Way.  At the next corner of Creekwood and Crosscreek Road is... 2000 Crosscreek.   

We are located in the Eastlake Community of Chula Vista.

Directions: From Telegraph Canyon

Take 805 to "L" Street going East toward Southwest College.  Telegraph Canyon turns into Otay Lakes Rd., stay to your left and make a left at Eastlake Parkway.  

Continue until you reach the lake and a stop sign this is Lake Shore make a left.  Your next stop sign will be another left at Creekwood Way.  Your next left will be the corner of Crosscreek and Creekwood. 



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